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Pickleball Rocks Cooling Chill Towel

This Pickleball Rocks Cooling Chill Towel is ideal for toweling off after a long day of pickleball.  Simply Wet, Wring, and Wear, the towel allows cool air to stimulate cooling; wearing a wet towel can lower your core temperature.

The Pickleball Rocks Cooling Towel is a hyper-evaporative material that’s the latest in cooling innovation; this towel retains water while remaining dry to the touch to provide cooling relief.  It is the best way to battle big time heat out on the courts!


  • Super-evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air
  • Wear for hours, or wipe off for quick relief
  • Simply re-wet the towel to reactivate
  • Re-Usable
  • Machine washable

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