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SIMON-X : Your NEW Perfect Pickleball Practice Partner : FREE SHIPPING

  • SIMON is completely portable as he runs on a powerful 10-12 hour quick recharge battery, but also comes standard for AC.
  • Optional Wireless Remote control.  Works up to 100 feet.
  • SIMON can feed balls up to speeds of 70 MPH making it the fastest machine on the planet. But also can go as slow as 5 MPH for soft feathery dinks at any angle.
  • SIMON can feed at your desired pace. Fully adjustable up to a ball every 1.5 seconds.
  • SIMON holds a whopping 120 balls.
  • SIMON is constructed in the USA and is made of heavy gauge steel and aluminum.
  • SIMON weighs in at 58 pounds and has a built-in ultra sturdy carrying handle and a patent pending built in Tri-Wheel system for easy movement anywhere on the court.
  • SIMON is guaranteed for a full 3 years (battery warranted for 12 month)
  • THE REAL GAME CHANGERA lifetime warranty on the all-important throw wheels. Other machine manufacturers will try to sell you an extended warranty.
  • THE REAL GAME CHANGER #2: "Stealth Oscillation" - Other machines almost tell you where the next ball is going to be fed.  SIMON-X oscillation is all done inside the blacked out machine so you do not know where the next ball is going.  Truly replicated real life on the pickleball court.
  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.

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