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Brookville Summer Shootout Registration 2017

*In the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section during checkout (before you actually hit the 'checkout' button), please indicate ALL events you are registering for, and if you are paying for your partner, please indicate that.  (i.e.  "Paying for my partner, Sally" or "Paying for Mixed 4.0 and Lady's 4.0")


Brookville Summer Shootout 2017

This is a special day just for players at your level of play.

Only 8 Mens Doubles Teams 8 Ladies Doubles Teams and 8 Mixed Doubles Teams will be accepted for each skill level shootout.

Be prepared for a fun day of pickleball.

You will play each of the other 7 teams in a one-game shootout to 15, win by 2.  Mixed will play to 11.

Every point will be critical as you will be awarded points after each match. You will receive the amount of points you scored during the match, up to 15 for the winner and up to 13 for the loser. (11 and 9 for Mixed). Plus you will receive 5 bonus points for each match win. 

EXAMPLE: You win a match 15 to 10, you will be awarded 20 points (15 scored during the match plus 5 bonus points for winning the match).  The loser will be awarded 10 points.

At the end of the 7 game shootout, the two teams with the most total points will be the two teams who will play for the championship.   Teams with the 3rd and 4th most total points will play for third place.

First tie-breaker will be most wins, then head-to-head.

The top two teams will play for the championship in a best 2 out of 3 game match. 

Each game of the championship will be played to 11 win by 2.   

Third place match will be one game to 15 win by 2.

This is a non-sanctioned tournament and matches will be self-officiated unless you just can't get along with your opponent. :)    Yellow Dura Fast 40 Balls will be used.   IFP / USAPA Rules will be in effect.

Which Skill Level Tournament Should I Enter?

If you have a USAPA rating, you must register at that level or above.

If you do not have a current USAPA rating, you may self rate using the SELF RATING GUIDELINES.

Tournament director's decision will be final, so don't sandbag on us. :)

Check in begins at 7:30am each day.  Check in at least 30 minutes prior to your match time.

Courts are open for practice at 7:00am Friday and Saturday, and 9:00am Sunday.  Also practice courts are open on Thursday June 15th and Friday June 16th from 6pm - dark.

Fruit, Snacks and Water will be provided throughout the day.

Paddles and Pickleball Rocks Dri-Fit Apparel raffled each day. 

Entry Fee: $40 per player for first event plus $5 for second event:  includes dri-fit tournament shirt pictured above, snack bag, fruit, and water, plus top three finishers receive prizes listed above.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Tournament deadline is midnight Thursday June 1st.

This is a first come, first serve registration. 

We anticipate all shootout tournaments will fill up quickly, so get your registration and payment in quickly.   Payment by credit card or PayPal will be time stamped immediately.  For mail in registrations we will use your postmark as the time stamp.